BML Ischial Lifts

The BML Ischial Lifts are devices developed for the purpose of restroing pelvic balance or provide a compensating force. For example, in the case of unequal ischial tubrosity size a the BML Ischial Lift is may be placed under the shorter tubrosity to restore pelvic balance and reduce rotational effects on the lumbo-sacral spine. Or in the case of a spinal defect resulting in pelvic rotation the lift may be placed under the lower ischial tubrosity, resulting in a rotational force opposite the lateral spinal rotation.

The BML Ischial Lifts are simple rectancular pads available in five thicknesses and three densities. They measure 3-3/8" wide by 5-3/8" long.

Densities - The material comes in three different densities, color coded.

Red (D60) - Very firm with little give. Surface is low friction, almost slick.
Brown (D40) - Soft, with plenty of yield under impact, yet supportive. Surface is high friction, almost non-slip. Our most popular style.
Gray (D20) - Super soft, almost gel-like. Material surface is very high friction, feeling almost tacky.

Ischial Lifts

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