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The BML Heel Lifts are devices developed for the purpose of compensating for leg length discrepancies when used individually, or elevating the heel when used in tandem. When used in one shoe at a time the lifts help to restore pelvic balance and eliminate rotation of the lumbosacral spine caused by unequal leg length. When used in both shoes at the same time can provide balanced elevation. Provides excellent shock absorption and can be stacked for a custom amount of lift. These lifts are easily cut to size with sharp scissors.

To be properly supportive the lifts should be placed in the shoe with the longest flat surface facing up. This is especially important on the thicker lifts. This keeps the upper surface of the lift against the foot for its entire length and the wedge shape allows for the lift to bend and conform to the arch, or lack thereof. Example:

Lift Placement Image

TO ENSURE PROPER USE AND RESULTS: Please consult a medical professional concerning the proper fitment and use of our heel lifts. They have the training and knowledge necessary to ensure these lifts benefit you. No one at BML is qualified or licensed to dispense medical advice.

The BML Heel Lifts are available in five different widths, five different thicknesses, and three different densities - a total of 75 variations. Just select your options from the drop-down selections above. To order several different variations add your first to your cart, then return to this page to select you next style, and so on.

Note: Prices are the same on the 3-9mm lifts. The 12mm lifts hare a bit higher because they contain significantly more material and are more costly to manufacture.

Sizes - Ladies Small, Ladies Large, Boys, Mens Small, Mens Large - noted in the format: width x length, length of flat area from back of heel

LS - 2" x 4-7/16"
LL - 2-1/4" x 4-7/16"
B - 2-3/8" x 4-7/16"
MS - 2-1/2" x 4-7/16"
ML - 2-3/4" x 4-11/16"

Densities - The material comes in three color-coded densities.

Red (D60) - Very firm with little give. Surface is low friction, almost slick.
Brown (D40) - Soft, with plenty of yield under impact, yet supportive. Surface is high friction, almost non-slip. Our most popular style.
Gray (D20) - Super soft, almost gel-like. Material surface is very high friction, feeling almost tacky.

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