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30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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BML Basic Physician's Supply, Inc has a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Call 1-800-643-4751 to speak to a real live customer service human person. We want our customers to be happy and will go out of our way make them so. Please contact us for any reason. However, for the protection of everyone involved we have to spell out the following policies...

MISTAKES: If we make a mistake fulfilling your order please let us know about it and we will correct it ASAP. Please let us know in a timely fashion.

DEFECTS: If the product you have purchased is determined to be defective in materials or workmanship in any way we will replace them at our expense or refund your purchase price. We may, at our discretion, require the product be sent back to us. This is frequently required by insurers, shipping carriers, or manufacturers of the products. The provisions of the guarantee notwithstanding, BML will not accept responsibility for products damaged through neglect, abuse, mis-use, malice, or force majeur. This provision will be honored for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee period only. Thereafter, any claims of product defect must be made to the manufacturer under their respective warranties. Additionally, some product manufacturers do not allow us to handle warranty claims for them and require the end user to contact them directly. In these cases you will be given contact information for the manufacturer. (We try to minimize these occurrences, but with some manufacturers we are as at their mercy as you are.) 

DISSATISFIED: If you are dissatisfied with the product you may request a refund of your purchase price (less shipping). We may, at our discretion, require the product be returned to us for examination. This provision will be honored for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee period only. No returns for dissatisfaction will be allowed after this period.

UNWANTED PRODUCTS: If you change your mind about a product and do not want to keep it you may return it and request a refund ONLY IF it is unused, in its original sealed packaging, and in salable condition. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. Returns made under this provision will be subject to a pro-rated restocking fee:

  • Day 1-30: 0%
  • Day 31-60: 20%
  • Day 61-90: 40%
  • Day 91+: not accepted


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We are primarily a business-to-business or business-to-professional company, but we do sell to the retail market. Consequently, we have different prices for different customer groups. Retail customers, professional bodyworkers, schools, distributors of our manufactured goods, etc. - all have different prices due to contractual agreements and professional concessions. Some items have pricing suppressed altogether due to manufacturer or FDA policies and are only purchasable by verified professionals. Unvalidated user accounts, customers who check out as guests, and the general public who are perusing the site without creating an account will be seeing and paying retail or MAP pricing so that we are not competing with our own professional customers or violating agreements with manufacturers. If you are a professional customer, please contact us to have your account converted to a professional account so that you receive our best business-to-business pricing and gain access to purchase restricted items. 


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BML may collect all kinds of information on you. In fact, everything we can get our hands on. However, we only do this to ensure good communication with you, our customer, and to facilitate any business between us and at no time do we sell or give this information to anyone else. You are more valuable to us as a loyal long-term customer than as a marketing target for someone else. We may also use your information to market OUR products to you, but you may opt out of this at any time. You may tell us verbally, by snail-mail, by email, by carrier pigeon, or by using the "unsubscribe" link included in every marketing email.

The only time we share any of your information is if the manufacturer of a particular product you are buying requires it. For example, Biofreeze is restricted to professionals only and the manufacturer requires us to turn over sales records during their Spring and Fall promos so they can verify the professional status of the customers. When this happens we turn over the bare minimum contractually required - in a hard-to-digest form - and we will always tell you, the customer, in the product listing if this will happen so you may opt out of the sale.